1.Solid quality with rich results over 1.30 years

More than 21,000 companies in 30 years

For 30 years since its establishment in 1989, the Company has provided services to approximately 21,000 customers in the area of human resource development, sales force enhancement, organizational development, and system design.

High customer satisfaction

With a high satisfaction rating (87%) for providing services offer to customer needs the average number of contract years is approximately 10 years.

2. Partnership with global partners to provide cutting edge solutions

Partner with four of the world's leading companies

【No.1 in sales field strengthening field】

Miller Heiman Group

[Authority of project management education company]

Strategy Execution (Strategy Execution)

[Leading company that challenges leadership development]

AchieveForum (Achieve Forum, Inc.)

【Human resource assessment and testing that boasts over 30 years of global results】

Hogan Assessment Systems (Hogan Assessment Systems)

Always providing cutting edge information and solutions

We provide information on global survey results and provide cutting edge solutions developed based on them.

3. Total service provision

Total support from policy design to operation and establishment

We also offer a variety of support services that meet the customer's needs and design measures for solving problems.

Implemented various support and measurement of effects for establishment

We will go through a series of cycles from goal setting to execution, retention and effect confirmation. In particular, we provide detailed support for the process of establishing measures, such as creating tools such as guidebooks and manuals, support for strategic studies, and holding operation briefings.

Inquiries on sales enablement