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What is Miller Heiman Group


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Miller Heiman Group has joined Korn Ferry to create an unprecedented force to deliver the most comprehensive solutions ever offered to the market.

Putting the Customer at the center, Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry, is an industry-leading global provider of sales performance programs and the world class methodology with scalable IP, services, data and analytics through global research, and technology for evolving sales landscape. It provides the powerful sales technology platform with a unique value proposition, equipped with the established international footprint to support global customer base through long-term partnerships.




Meaningful customer experiences are guiding every sales and every purchasing decision all over the world. Customer experiences is steering the success of individual companies. It’s what’s driving the business world today.

Through MHG, organizations can access the world’s most extensive knowledge base on how to drive customer-management excellence and growth.

Supported by the real-world experience of passionate sales practitioners and on-going research of best practices, MHG brings best-in-class expertise to all aspects of the relationship with the customer. MHG, therefore, is your global, comprehensive source for consistent, scalable, end-to-end customer solutions.


MHG has worked extensively with the leading global brands to help them acquire new skills, implement a consistent approach and generate success from their selling activities. Just a few of the brands we’ve served: