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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement consulting/training


What’s Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement-Consulting themes

Create opportunities

Strengthening new business development

This process brings innovation to business efforts with organizational strength (instead of depending on the staff in charge) to increase the probability of success in new business deals. Building on collaboration with the marketing department and success patterns, it creates new perspectives in sales activities.

Manage opportunities

Improving sales productivity

This process eliminates excess sales activities to maximize performance with limited resources and innovate sales organizations. It utilizes sales management aligned with SFA and enhanced sales skills to increase productivity.

Manage relationships

Leveraging key accounts

This process manages relations with potential customers to develop them into key accounts via strategic organization-wide sales activities. By strengthening the ties with upper management and related departments in handling customer requests, it helps build solid business partnerships.

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Leadership Innovation

Leadership innovation consulting/training


What’s Leadership Innovation?

Leadership Innovation – Consulting themes

Develop leaders for ongoing business

Stratified education encouraging personal growth and co-creation

Encourage leaders who change proactively through stratified education/training programs with a self-innovating element.

Develop leaders for new business

Developing innovative leaders

Develop innovative leaders to lead new business beyond conventional value frameworks.

Allocate, develop and enhance strategic personnel

Finding and developing potential talent

Deliver competent talent management service using HOGAN ASSESSMENT, which has developed more than 5.6 million personnel worldwide for over 25 years.

Improve the working environment for all individuals

Promoting diversity

Use diversity survey tools to promote diversity with regards to the progress and challenges working women face.

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